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SED Media , LLC
Matt Crocken

The passing of loved ones and friends can be one of the most emotional times of a person's life.
Let SED Media take care of the technology and livestreaming logistics to ensure everyone
can be present and grieve in their own way.

Contact SED Media to get a custom quote.

Due to the sensitive nature of funerals, video samples will be shown by contacting SED Media
Thank you.

With many social distance restrictions, technology allows grieving families to experience closure and grieve together via Youtube, Facebook and other RTMP destinations.

Whether two cameras or one, clients can expect an ala carte approach to putting together the right equipment set-up to support their needs and budget.

Streaming is only as good as the sound that's coming through. Multiple audio sources can be integrated for a full, rich experience ; in addition to music and supporting video playback.

If families want continued coverage at the Graveside, equipment such as  a 500w quite generator, folding table and pop up tents can be provided to ensure streaming coverage continues regardless of weather.