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Since the needs of clients vary widely, SED Media takes into consideration a variety of factors when quoting price.
Do you need a day rate, half-day rate or even hourly price structure?
Is there an overall budget for the content you want created?
Below are three critical areas that will influence how much a project is going to cost.
(these items are by no means, exhaustive lists.)


Getting all of
"our ducks in a row"
as they say, is a key part of defining the costs associated with any media project.
The more planning and thought put into this Pre-Production phase, will have significant affects on any additional costs that can pop-up along the way.
Below are just a few of those . . .

  • Scripting

  • Graphic Design (new or existing)

  • Location Shooting

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Defining roles, tasks and production schedule deadlines

    Additional needed gear or labor
    . . . maybe a team of folks is needed

    How will your audience access the content they are looking for?

    Would your event venue affect production . . . Rain or Shine?


The day is here to make the video shoot happen, the presentation must go forward or the deadline has arrived!

Planning essential details so the day can run smoothly can save costs when it comes time to assemble your project with
post-video editing.

All of the preparation from the
Pre-Production phase is filtering through and will continue to help move a
project to completion.
Keep in mind the following . . .

Permissions obtained for location shooting

Additional gear requirements

Do we need immediate internet/data access?

Where are we going to eat lunch?
(a little SED humor!)


Every iota of finished video represents well managed Pre-Production and Production phases. We now have a host of
raw media assets to work with in
creating the best content !
Let's consider these items . . .

Consider legal permissions for video, images & stock music

How much media-stock resources would your project need to achieve the desired look and feel?

Would you need physical copies of media content on DVDs or flash drive?

Where will the video be hosted? Social media, Youtube, Vimeo, another platform?
SED Media currently doesn't offer content hosting.

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