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It's no secret the city of Baltimore has its challenges. What isn't always known, are the good things happening in the city with groups like 10:12 Sports.  

SED Media started with 10:12 Sports in shooting their game day footage.  It's been awesome to see this Non-Profit grow in their media engagement with Promo videos, game day footage and features.

Over the previous year, 10:12 Sports saw 150 teens participate  in their premier flag-football league, basketball league and pre-season weight-lifting.
After 10 years of service in Baltimore, HopeSprings continues a legacy of in-roads and bridge-building between those in faith communities and those looking to live well with HIV.

With video, we seek to dispel stigma and present opportunities for involvement within a volunteer base. Media content creates entry points for potential donors to see first hand, the effectiveness of volunteer efforts.

It's organizations like HopeSprings that create a tipping point where others see and hear and are motivated to engage on issues that clearly affect so many.
Hope, Hospitality and Holiness sounds like a recipe for awesome.
Two years into this journey, Saint Moses Church in Baltimore seeks to offer a welcoming environment for people of all levels of faith, or even no faith at all.

Using video to help share the Saint Moses story to the world gives others a sense of what to expect from a church community, who they are and creates contact points for others outside of a church congregation.

The first contact someone has with those inside of churches, could very well happen outside of four walls, on the internet. Video gives others an experience and a preview of what groups like Saint Moses have to offer.
What a blessing each Day of Hope is to the West, East and South sides of Baltimore. Dozens of vendors connect city residents into services they otherwise might miss. With food distribution and a host of beneficial activity, city residents receive encouragement on many levels. This year, we had the extra special helping hand from Mercy Chefs serving up nutritious meals.

A significant  effect is the 23% reduction in crime and violence that follows a Day of Hope event for a given area.

We invite churches, agencies, and service providers to join in all future days of Hope!

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